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Pixel Design
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Our client required a website to showcase their graphic portfolio and establish their identity online. They also required the web portfolio to be easily manageable without any additional technical knowledge. Our responsibility in the project included everything from project planning, design, and development. During the few initial meetings our team were able to understand the client requirements clearly. Thereafter, we were able to research and give them a great solution.

Pixel Design Co. required a web solution with:

  • Easily manageable portfolio
  • Responsive and minimal design
  • Low cost with better performance


We chose Notion, a project management and note-taking system to create the back-end, and to integrate it with a front-end. Then we initiated the project with wireframing, and creating the overall structure for the website. Our UI designer did some research and created a user interface that would suit the exact requirements of their brand. Parallelly, they were able to create a project on Notion and complete the integration. This project was completed within a short time and is great to see their business succeeding with our low-cost, creative implementations.

technologies used
project scope
UI/UX Design, Development
project duration
1 Week
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We were able to get the portfolio website created and customized within few days with the teamwork and support within the team behind Codezela Technologies. Notion, a primary note-taking application connected as a website to manage our company’s portfolio is great and very cost-efficient for a start-up like us. It provides the easy-to-manage interface with almost everything you need to create a good portfolio to present to our customers.
Dhananjaya Pasan